Lectures and Programs

These presentations are an hour or so long and make great programs for guilds or other organizations. 
Many of my workshop topics can also be presented as a lecture, seminar, or guild program. I travel with my own equipment and lots of samples for touchable inspiration!

Lecture about basic color theory with hands on activity

Color Fundamentals for Fiber Artists

Color enriches our lives and is of primary importance to the fiber art we create. Color is not only fundamental but FUN!  A power point slideshow will guide us through the basics of color and show inspiring examples in fiber art. Using what we have learned, we will make yarn wraps in a fun, hands-on exercise. Be confident and courageous in your use of color!

Natural Dyes and Handwoven Textiles

Natural Dyes and Handwoven Textiles

Natural dyes can be used in a diversity of techniques to create textiles that are distinctive and beautiful. This power point presentation shows various approaches to using natural dyes in handwoven fabric, including ikat, woven shibori, warp painting and surface design. Discussion and viewing of many samples will follow. Get inspired to incorporate natural dyework into your weaving!

Indigo: the natural way to get the blues

Indigo: The Natural Way to Get the Blues

One of the most ancient dyes, Indigo has been used all over the world to create exquisite natural blues. Indigo has a unique, complex chemistry that changes fibers from yellow to green to blue during the dyeing process. The alchemy, history and mysteries of this fascinating dyestuff are explored in a power point presentation and discussion. Examine samples of beautiful indigo dyed fabrics in a variety of textile techniques, and watch a demonstration of the organic indigo vat.

Textile Tour of Guatemala

Textile Tour of Guatemala

Guatemala is a beautiful country of highland lakes, towering volcanoes, and amazing handwoven textiles. The modern day Maya, whose ancestors built pyramids and studied the stars, continue their traditional weaving of complex fabrics on simple backstrap looms. Take a virtual tour of this fascinating country from a weaver's perspective. View vivid images on power point, examine many wonderful textiles and hear fascinating stories from the auspicious time of December 2012, the end of the calendar and beginning of a new era in Mayan Cosmology.