Weaving Classes

Linda Hartshorn teaches weaving classes at the Ink People Center for the Arts Eureka CA

Weaving Classes with Linda Hartshorn

Weaving classes are now being offered in our new, larger studio at The Ink People Center for the Arts, 627 3rd Street in Eureka, CA. Some of the classes will be taught by weaver Nancy Kennedy. See the Teaching Schedule for specific dates and times of weaving workshops and other events.

A beginner using a loom

Beginning Weaving

Learn to weave and create a beautiful textile! We will weave a sampler and scarf in wool yarn using plain weave and twills. You will make a warp and dress the loom, try out different yarns and weave structures, and discover how your loom works. You will also learn basic drafting.

Intermediate students weave a project of their choice on a loom

Intermediate Weaving

Learn more about weaving as you create your own special project. Choose to make a scarf or shawl, towels, yardage, a rug, or whatever you like. You can weave a project from a book or magazine, or from one of Linda's drafts and samples. If you are a more advanced student you can design your own project with help from the instructor.

Other Classes

Look for upcoming classes in various topics including Shadow Weave, Parallel Threadings, Overshot, Rag Rugs, Painted Warp, Woven Shibori, Ikat, and more. These will be held at The Ink People Center for the Arts, 627 3rd Street, Eureka, California, or offered at conferences and fiber festivals. Check the Teaching Schedule page for dates and locations.

About The Studio

Our Weaving Studio is located at 627 3rd Street, Old Town Eureka, CA, upstairs in the Ink People Center for the Arts building. We have eight Gilmore looms, some with four shafts and some with eight. The studio is fully equipped with warping boards, shuttles, bobbins and everything you need for weaving.

Weavers weaving in the studio at the Ink People Center for the Arts Eureka CA